Which Medical Specialty is The Most Respected by Other Doctors?


Most doctors who are most respected are ethical, completed pg in a national institute like AIIMS or returned from US. It doesn’t depend on the specialty, it depends on the doctor. But obviously, clinical specialties are more respected than subclinical and non-clinical specialties.

If you want to make fun you can make fun of any specialty, like for example, when I went to radiology class he was making fun of orthopedic surgeons by comparing them to carpenters, CT surgeons to plumbers. And when I told this to my father(he is a surgeon as well), he was like “these radiologists just sit and eat and occasionally write reports “.

So I believe any clinical subject gives you an equal chance.

Therefore,  it depends on the Specialty of the Doctor Doing the Considering. There is an old joke which goes like this:

A GP doesn’t know anything and can’t do anything.

A Physician knows everything but can’t do anything.

A Surgeon doesn’t know anything but can do anything.

And lastly: The Pathologist is always right, but arrives too late….

Of course, in the present day’s situation there is no truth to that joke, but it shows how different kinds of medical specialist view each other & how they respect each other: The Surgeons are annoyed by what they see as the Physicians’ indecision, meaning they take too long a time before reaching a conclusion. The Physicians think the Surgeons are too Aggressive and Gung Ho, jumping in before everything is clear. Surgeons and Physicians alike tended to dismiss the GP out of hand.

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