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The Best Side Hustles for Doctors, Nurses, and Other Professionals

Nearly one in three American workers earn income through independent work and the “gig economy,” according to a study by the McKinsey Global Institute. This sector of the economy is largely associated with the likes of freelance writers, Uber drivers, and people doing odd jobs on platforms like TaskRabbit. But …

Essential Oils: Natural Doesn’t Mean Risk-Free

When Rachael Armstrong first started using essential oils last year she, as she puts it, “dove right in.” Each morning, she placed a drop of frankincense oil, which some say is an immune booster, under her tongue. If her head hurt, she dabbed calming peppermint oil on her temples. At …

The highest-paid doctors

On average, physicians reported an average annual full-time compensation package of $294,000. Overall, however, specialists’ compensation—which averaged $316,000—was 46 percent higher than their peers working in primary care, whose compensation averaged $217,000. According to MedScape, the top five specialties with the highest average compensation packages in 2017 were: Orthopedics, at …

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