Noninvasive Device for Intractable Pain


The device applies a unique, patented pulsed radiofrequency (PRF) waveform to the affected area transcutaneously.

 This waveform creates electromagnetic effects similar to invasive PRF treatments. Several case studies have shown instant and dramatic relief of chronic intractable pain, said the press release.

The Stimpod NMS460 also incorporates nerve-locating technology. Its “stimulation probe” is designed to direct the current to a particular nerve or region, such as a joint or muscle. It enables practitioners to evaluate the treatment progress of damaged nerves.

The device is focused on the symptomatic relief and management of chronic intractable pain, as well as adjunctive treatment in the management of postsurgical pain and posttraumatic acute pain problems, and as an adjunct for pain control due to rehabilitation.

The need for this device is “profound,” said the press release. More than 100 million Americans report that they have a problem with pain.

Chronic pain is characterized by neuroplastic changes that cause sensitization of the nervous system. These changes, according to background information provided by the company, result in anatomic and physiologic changes that affect neurologic function, which may cause other changes that allow the pain to continue with or without further peripheral input, and a lower pain threshold. This dysfunction accounts for the epiphenomena associated with the disease, including emotional, memory, and motor changes, which then becomes the illness of chronic pain.

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