Itchy Testicles


Itchy testicles can be quite an embarrassing situation for any man to face, especially when he’s in a public place. It is actually not the testicles that get irritated but the skin that surrounds the area called the scrotum as well as the skin behind the testicles and the groin. There are many reasons why these areas can feel itchy and most of the time is nothing serious. They are mostly caused by bacteria and parasites but can cause several hours of discomfort for the individual.


Itch testicles can be caused by a number of factors such as:

Fungal infections

Any kind of fungus thrives on humid and warm environments. This is why the skin behind your testicles is most prone to fungal infections and gets irritated easily. The most common type of fungal infection in this area is the jock itch. The jock itch is caused by the fungi Trichophyton rubrum that develops around the crotch and makes that area as well as the inner things and anus feel scratchy. The area becomes red and scaly and is full of the fungus. You should use a over-the-counter cream or spray to get rid of these infections.

Yeast Infections

It is generally thought that only women are prone to yeast infections but is also possible for men to develop such infections. This can result from sexual contact or if has taken to many antibiotics that have killed all the good bacteria in the body. If the area around your testicles is irritated and also pains and burns, then you are suffering from a yeast infection. You should use some oral medicines recommended by doctors or an anti-fungal cream.

Contact Dermatitis

When your groin area comes in contact with some irritating chemical substance or allergen, the area can get infected and develop a severe rash. If the area around your testicles becomes scaly and develops a rash when you come in contact with something, then you have contact dermatitis. There are two types of this infection: allergic and irritant.

Allergic contact dermatitis occurs when you come in contact with some substance that you are allergic to like some dye, fabric etc. You should avoid these things to prevent this infection. Irritant contact dermatitis is when you come in contact with some chemical or highly irritating substance and this is generally much more painful than the allergic contact dermatitis.

Crabs or public lice

There are some kinds of lice in your pubic area that drink the blood in the area and cause severe itchiness. These lice can spread due to sexual contact, dirty linen, towels, beddings etc. The pubic lice will bite the area and cause severe rashes and thus you should use some over-the-counter cream or soaps. But if the rash persists, it is time to consult a certified medical professional.


This is also caused by some parasites called the insect mites or the sarcoptes scabeil. They bite the area surrounding the genitals and cause severe itchiness and rashes and spreads in warm environments.


This skin infection affects mostly the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back but can also affect the groin and causes itchiness. In the other areas, it generally turns red and is dry and raised. But in the groin area, it becomes a severe red patch and is not dry or scaly because there is a lot of moisture and warmth in the groin area.


You can use the following natural and safe home remedies to get rid of this itchiness:

Tea tree oil

This oil has many anti-fungal properties that help prevent the parasites from growing and spreading in this area and prevents these infections. It can be applied with cotton wool two times every day and use it for a week to completely rid your body of the infection. You can also add it to your bath and soak in it for half an hour. If the tea tree oil causes a burning sensation when applied to the area, you should mix it with coconut oil. You can also use shower gels and soaps that have tea tree oil in them.

Apple cider vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a lot of antibacterial and anti-fungal properties that help cure the area and prevent itchiness. You can add two tablespoons of the vinegar to two cups filled with warm water and then apply the combination on the area. Cleanse the area with this solution thoroughly and then leave it to dry. You should ideally repeat this process three times: morning, midday and at night.

Rubbing alcohol

You can dab a bit of alcohol on cotton wool and apply it to the area. This dries up the area and prevents the infection from spreading and helps clear the infection. You should apply it atleast two to three times every day.


Listerine is generally used as a mouth wash but can also be used to prevent rashes in the groin area. You can add Listerine to cotton and cleanse the area atleast two to three times every day. The anti-fungal and antiseptic properties of Listerine will completely remove any itchiness and it may sting when first applied but will eventually cool down.

White Vinegar

White vinegar also has several anti-fungal properties that dry up infections and prevent any itchiness. You can mix one part of this white vinegar with four cups of water and then dab a table cloth in it. Apply the table cloth to your groin area and cleanse it thoroughly. Let it dry and you should repeat it once more in the day. You can also mix one part of this white vinegar with one cup of coconut oil and apply it on the region. Leave it on for some time and then wash and dry the area.


You can go to your doctor and get a proper diagnosis as to why the area itches and then you can treat it using the above methods. You can also avoid the area from getting infected in the first place in the following manner:

Don’t scratch the groin area continuously. It may itch like crazy but scratching only spreads the infection and causes severe rashes. Besides, it can also be embarrassing to do so in public.

Use clean underwear daily to prevent these parasites from growing and spreading in the area.

Clean your testicular area daily so that the area remains dry and prevents parasites from entering and attacking the region.

You should also use your own towels, bedding and linen in any new place to avoid any yeast infections or contact dermatitis.

Buy underwear that is purely cotton as other fabrics may make the area too humid and create irritation and itchiness.

Avoid using any harsh chemical detergents to clean your clothes like bleaches as this could cause severe irritation in the area and could cause rashes and infections.

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