How to tell if a guy likes you


Men generally have the ability to flirt naturally, but not in a bad way. Sometimes they possess charming, innocent, friendly action that leads you to believe that they are a kind of indirect message to express their interest in you. “Does he really like me?” is a quite common question we hear every day, but not an easy question to answer. Well, love can be obvious, sometimes but not always. Guys usually don’t wear emotions on their sleeves, and it becomes difficult to get a conclusion if that is the case.

Although it can be a little tricky to decode his actions, by learning about some of the basic signs, you definitely can recognize whether he is just friendly or he may really like you.

So here are 30 signs that are considered as a strong evidence to assume if the guy really likes you. Read on:

  • You occupy his priority list.priority

When you become the most important person in his life, it is a good sign to assume that he really likes you. He will let you know all the stuff that has happened in his day. If he treats you different than he treats others, it means that you are a priority for him.

  • He goes out of his way for you.How to tell if a guy likes you 2

If you are more than a friend to him, he would just go out of the way to do any favors for you. His actions will not be limited to just favors; he would cancel his hangout with his friends to be with you.  In doing so, he wants to make sure that you will be happy with his actions, and he want to convey you that he will go to any extent to make you happy. This is a great sign that he is in love with you.

  • He hates your guy friends.How to tell if a guy likes you 1

If a guy likes you only as his friend, he would never get upset when you are around with your other guy friends. He won’t really care much because that is not his business. When a guy likes you more, he starts getting concerned when you are with other boys. Usually, guys justify this behavior by saying that they are just protective, but that is not the case always. If he behaves more than being protective, then count it as a sign that he likes you, and he has a crush on you.

  • He teases you.How to tell if a guy likes you 3

Again teasing is not for everyone, but the guy will definitely possess a playful teasing, especially if he is a fun loving person. Teasing doesn’t mean a mean full teasing where you hurt another person’s feelings. It’s just that fun teasing like he teases you on areas where you are strong enough. He may make fun of you at the way you walk or giggle, and this means that he pays close attention to all your gestures, and he is in love with it. He might even tease you in front of your common friends just to make fun out of it. Remember not to take these things to heart as he is not mean to you. Just enjoy what he does and view it as a sign of his love towards you.

  • He throws sweeping looks on you.How to tell if a guy likes you

He glances at you bashfully and glances away and looks back at you again, and this is a pretty obvious sign of love. You can recognize this when you are talking, and he is facing a hard time looking at your eyes. When a guy finds a girl attractive, he will utilize each and every chance he gets to stare at her without her noticing it. The fact is that he can’t stop looking at you, and he starts showing uncomfortable body stance and barely talks at this time. So when he is silent while you are talking and looks away when you look at him, count it as a sign of love.

  • He is always the conversation starter.How to tell if a guy likes you 8

Love makes you a little weird, yeah, that’s true. When he really likes you, he always finds some excuse to start a conversation with you. You can measure how much he likes you by analyzing how stupid the conversation is. This is because, his ultimate aim is to interact with you somehow and it doesn’t matter how he gets there.  If the guy is trying to reach out to you in some other way, there is something that he wants to tell you!

  • He forgets about time.How to tell if a guy likes you 5

When you are hanging out together, and if you could see that he was never in a hurry it is a clear indication of his interest in you. If he never says he wants to go as he is enjoying the time being spent with you and doesn’t want to let you go is also a kind of indirect expression of his interest in you. This kind of indirect act of expression is another way to tell if he likes you for real. He might be spending his valuable time with you by avoiding some other important things. If he checks his phone at times and checks the time, it shows that you are not a priority for him, and he is not that interested in you.

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