Does Smoking Marijuana Cause Lung Cancer?


Dr. Quillin: Hemp, cannabis, is arguably the most useful plant on earth. If you do a history of it, you look at canvas which is what our ancestors used for Conestoga wagons and for the clothing. Canvas comes from the word cannabis, because cannabis was the material that they used to make all of their clothing and canvas.

It lasts longer than cotton or polyester. If you go back and look at your history, it was around 1937 when DuPont got its patent for polyester, and that was the beginning of the witch hunt to get rid of cannabis. Because it was competition. You look at–you can use it for paper pulp, for clothing. You can eat it, the food, the seeds are high in omega-3 fats, high in protein. The oils, from hemp oil, is delicious, nutty tasting, and high in omega-3s. And then there’s the medicinal parts, the cannabinoids. And the THC, tetrahydracannabinoid, and CBD, are two different fractions.

The government has had this illogical approach to cannabis, because you think—it’s a category-1 drug, meaning they think it’s more dangerous than cocain. Schedule-1. Schedule-1 means that it’s addictive, dangerous, and has no therapeutic value, which is ridiculous. I mean, there are many studies that have been done. One of them, for instance, the DEA, Department of…

Dr. Quillin: Drug Enforcement Agency, decided they want to prove how unhealthy marijuana was. And so they went to a major researcher at UCLA, University of California at Los Angeles, and said, “We want you to prove that smoking marijuana causes lung cancer.” He said, “Shouldn’t be a problem.” They did a huge study, prospective, randomized trial, and he said, “Not only it doesn’t cause it, it actually helps to prevent it.”

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