Different Types Of Hugs A Woman Gives And What They Really Mean


Hugs are just hugs, right? Wrong. There is so much more to a hug than it being just a form of  simple physical contact. Hugs can always carry deeper meanings behind them when they are given. It all depends on the type, however. So how are you supposed to know the differences between them? And how many different hugs are there?  Well, that’s what this article is here to explain. The following is a list of all the different types of hugs a woman gives and what they really mean. These descriptions will help you identify where you and her stand in your relationship. You will be able to decide if you are just friends or something so much more after you sift through them.

The Polite Hug

The polite hug is where she embraces you with both arms but barely. It is commonly done out of courtesy for the receiving party. It is usually given when the giver feels indifferent towards to receiver, but feels obligated to fill the social duty of hugging. It’s not that she doesn’t like you, it’s just that she doesn’t feel that fond of you.

The Half Hug

Uh-oh, the dreaded half hug. This is also known as the side hug. Where a girl grabs you around the waist from the side for a very short amount of time and she lets go almost as fast as she possibly can. This is usually a response to being hugged by someone that makes her uncomfortable or that she doesn’t know very well. This hug is not one of the better signs for your friendship or relationship.

The One Armed Hug

Yikes. The dreaded one armed hug. This hug is achieved when she places one arm on or around you briefly. More than likely over your shoulder, but it is sometimes down around the waist. It’s one of the hugs that requires a minimal amount of actual contact, making it almost as awkward as a handshake. However, this hug doesn’t necessarily mean she hates you or finds you disgusting. A lot of people who do one armed hugs just aren’t really that into giving hugs in general. Whether it’s social anxiety or disdain for PDA, don’t be quick to judge the one armers!

The Super Squeezy Hug (A.k.a The Bear Hug)

Ah, the best hug has arrived for discussion. Super squeezy hugs, or you may know them as bear hugs, are simply the best hugs there are. This hug is where she will throw both arms around you and quite literally squeeze the breath out of you while pressing her face into your shoulder or her torso into yours. They are full of compassion, care and warmth. A lot of these hugs are given to family members by family members and from best friend to best friend, so it’s unclear if she has feelings for you as more than a friend if she’s giving you these hugs. Although you can be certain she cares about you very deeply if she is hugging you like this. It’s not something you give to just any random stranger or people you don’t like!

The Fast Hug

A regular hug done very quickly is what could describe the fast hug. It’s not lacking the right amount of physical touch, but the timing is too quick. Usually this hug will be done to you if she cares about you, but is feeling a little upset with you. It can also be done if she is feeling stressed out or if she is busy and has to go somewhere. If you have been arguing, you may be the receiver of a fast hug. Don’t let this one worry you too much, it’s completely normal on a daily basis.

The Protective Hug

What’s the protective hug? It’s when she comes up from behind and puts her arms around your midsection or shoulders while leaning into you. This is a caretakers pose. She feels responsible for you and connected to you in more than a platonic way. Friends don’t usually proceed to hug each other this way. If you find her doing this hug on you a lot, she might be ready to take your relationship to the next step or she simply feels extremely intimate with you.

The Friendly Hug

A normal two-armed hug, with a slight squeeze, but it only last a brief few seconds. The friendly hug is a hug given on good terms with good vibes behind it. This means she considers you a friend to her and isn’t afraid to proceed with  a little bit of physical contact towards you, but she doesn’t feel close enough to you to get too intimate or touch for too long.

The Jump Hug

Jump hugs aren’t very commonly done by men, as men are usually a lot taller/heavier than their partners or friends. A jump hug is when a girl gets a running start at you and jumps through the air into your arms and wraps her legs around your waist, essentially straddling you sideways. This is definitely a flirty type of hug, but it can be done by friends to friends without any second thought. If anything it is just extremely playful.

The Limp Hug

Probably the worst hug on this list would be the limp hug. Why? Because when you are hugging her, she remains completely limp like a rag doll. This is NOT a good sign, at all! If she is hugging you like this, the best route would be to ask her what is bothering her. If she’s not responding to your touch and is acting like it isn’t happening doesn’t really even qualify as a real hug. She is definitely feeling disinterested in you if she is doing the rag doll ploy at anytime.

The Cuddly Hug

Cuddly hugs provide all sorts of tingly feelings and happiness when they happen! Cuddly hugs consist of the two parties involved wrapping their arms around each other and snuggling into each others shoulders. This is a more than affectionate hug, usually done by people in relationships or by people who have been intimate or will be intimate in the future. It can also be done by friends who have just experienced a tragedy of some sort.

The Body Hug

O-la-la! The body hug. The most flirtatious and sexually inclined hug there is out there. How will you know if you’re getting a body hug? Well, a body hug is done when she lightly slings her arms around your neck, but pushes her entire body, from her torso to her thighs, into your body. It is a very lustful position and is usually only done when everyone involved is very comfortable with each other physically.

The Long Hug

The long hug may be the saddest of hugs, but can also just mean that she is feeling very connected with you. A long hug is done when saying goodbye or delivering bad news. However, if she is hugging you for a long period of time, she likes to be close with you and deeply cares for you. She could also give a long hug if she feels like she needs emotional support from you. This has several different meanings, but are all fueled by trust.

The Meaningful Hug

This is known to be the perfect hug. Yup, you read that right, the perfect hug. This hug is done by people who share a bond with each other. It is not too long or too short. It is set at the proper length time. She will squeeze you, but not overdo it so that you can’t breathe. She will make it feel warm and usually will look you in the eyes after she is through with it. This is a great, warm, comfortable hug and can be given by anyone who shares that previously talked about bond with each other.

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