Medical Training: How to Examine the Spine to Diagnose Pain Causes

  There are a variety of ominous processes that cause low back pain, particularly in older patients (> 50). These problems carry significant morbidity and mortality and mandate a focused and rapid evaluation (including lab and imaging studies) different from what is required for the relatively benign processes described above. …

Medical Videos

DOUBLE HAND TRANSPLANT procedure and after surgery results

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Medical Cases

Full heart transplant surgery

Fascinating heart transplant surgery


Surgical reconstruction of chin and mouth

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Blind man gains vision after limbal stem cell transplant

An incredible story: A young man’s will to see. A sister’s gift of sight. A doctor who¬†made it possible.Click below to watch now!


Aids Everything you need to know

In this video you will know everything about Aids


How Cholesterol Affect Your Heart

Watch this video to know how high cholesterol levels affect your heart


Face Transplant animation film

A face transplant is a medical procedure to replace all or part of a person’s face. The world’s first partial face transplant on a living human was carried out in France in 2005. The world’s first full face transplant was completed in Spain in 2010.


Live Beating Heart during open Heart Surgery

Amazing video showing the heart beating during open heart surgery

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