All You Need To Know About Heart Transplant

Introduction to heart transplant The idea of replacing a bad organ with a good one has been documented in ancient mythology. The first real organ transplants were probably skin grafts that may have been done in India as early as the second century B.C. The first heart transplant in any …


Man Dies In Penis Enlargement Surgery: What Went Wrong

The life of a man in Sweden was cut short during a surgical procedure to lengthen and widen his penis size. The healthy 30-year-old man, without any pre-existing medical conditions, is the first to die from penis enlargement surgery, a procedure that so far has been simple and safe. Now, in the case …


Medical Training: How to Examine the Spine to Diagnose Pain Causes

  There are a variety of ominous processes that cause low back pain, particularly in older patients (> 50). These problems carry significant morbidity and mortality and mandate a focused and rapid evaluation (including lab and imaging studies) different from what is required for the relatively benign processes described above. …

Medical Videos

Hair transplant procedures

  What Is a Hair Transplant? It’s a type of surgery that moves hair you already have to fill an area with thin or no hair. Doctors have been doing these transplants in the U.S. since the 1950s, but techniques have changed a lot in recent years. You usually have …


Aortic Valve Replacement Sugery

Aortic Valve Replacement Sugery


New small animal model to study the pathogenesis of hypertrophic and burn scars

Duke University Medical Center invents a new small animal model to study the pathogenesis of hypertrophic and burn scars. This is the first immune-competent rodent model ever introduced in the field. Led by Mohamed Ibrahim, MD, the senior research fellow in the division of plastic and reconstructive surgery of Duke …


Vasectomy Surgery: Tieing The Sperm Canal To Avoid Sperm Ejaculation

A vasectomy is a surgical procedure performed on adult males in which the vasa deferentia (tubes that carry sperm from the testicles to the seminal vesicles) are cut, tied, cauterized (burned or seared), or otherwise interrupted. The semen no longer contains sperm after the tubes are cut, so conception cannot …


Woman has a 300 Pound Tumor removed from her Stomach

Watch that video of a Woman has a 300 Pound Tumor removed from her Stomach


Attaching New Face Transplant Surgery

Watch that Attaching New Face Transplant Surgery  


Surgeon Performing Fat Removing Surgery on Himself

Watch that video of Surgeon Performing Tummy Tuck Surgery on Himself

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