What is hay fever?
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What is hay fever? What are the symptoms and signs?

Hay fever is a misnomer. Hay is not a usual cause of this problem, and it does not cause fever. Early descriptions of sneezing, nasal congestion, and eye irritation while harvesting field hay promoted this popular term. Allergic rhinitis is the correct term used to describe this allergic reaction, and many different substances …


Ukrainian Girl Had 30 Surgery To Become Anime

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Medical Training: How to Examine the Spine to Diagnose Pain Causes

  There are a variety of ominous processes that cause low back pain, particularly in older patients (> 50). These problems carry significant morbidity and mortality and mandate a focused and rapid evaluation (including lab and imaging studies) different from what is required for the relatively benign processes described above. …


What is your diagnosis?

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Medical Education: How to Examine The Cardiovascular System

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Medical Education: Human Liver Anatomy and Functions

Liver anatomy and function  Human Anatomy and Physiology video


3D animation video showing Smoking effects

3D animation video showing how Smoking Causes Cancer, Heart Disease, Emphysema


Structure and working of Human Eye

Amazing 3d animation showing Structure and working of Human Eye


Breast Augmentation medical education

Breast Augmentation medical education animation video

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