Breastfeeding to Husband


This is a topic that is rarely discussed in polite society. If your husband has asked to try your breast milk, then you may feel uncomfortable talking about it with your friends or family. You may even think that this behavior is strange. It probably is a little strange, but it is actually quite common. After months of breastfeeding your child, at some point, your husband may wonder what breast milk tastes like and ask to try it. While it may seem weird, it is more common than you think.

If you have ever watched Friends, you might remember an episode where this is discussed. Everyone else tells Ross that they have tried breast milk before and that it isn’t strange. Right when Ross decides to finally try it, his child’s mother walks in the room and looks at him oddly.

Can I Try Breastfeeding to My Husband?

You may feel uncomfortable asking your doctor if it is alright to try breastfeeding to your husband. While it may feel odd to you, this is a fairly common question. In reality, there are some health benefits to breastfeeding that extend beyond just your infant. Your breast milk is perfectly designed to provide your child with nutrition. Adults often drink cow’s milk, which is actually not designed for humans. It is intended to be used by calves, not people. In a way, it makes more sense to drink human breast milk than it does to drink breast milk from a cow.

For your husband, there may be some health benefits to breastfeeding. It has nutrients that are actually intended for people. Your milk is probably enough for him to breastfeed occasionally. Many mothers have twins or triplets, and they produce more than enough milk for the extra children. As long as you are eating healthily and drinking plenty of water, it probably will not hurt your overall health.

Other than not being harmful, it could actually help you out. On average, you burn an extra 400 calories a day by breastfeeding your baby. If you are trying to lose baby weight, breastfeeding your husband could help you use up extra calories. In addition, breastfeeding your husband can help relieve pressure in your breasts. If your baby is not consuming as much milk as your body produces, it can put added pressure on your breasts. While you could also pump and dump the breast milk, you could just as easily put it to good use by giving it to your husband.

The Downsides to Breastfeeding to Husband

There are a few negatives that are associated with breastfeeding your husband. The first and most obvious downside is that there is a social stigma about it. You probably are not going to want to share this experience with your friends on Facebook or talk to your family about it. If you or husband has a disease like a cold or something else, then there is also a risk. You could transfer diseases through your breast milk from yourself, your infant and your husband to each other. In theory, most of these diseases would have probably spread anyway since you are all in close contact, but it is certainly a risk that you have to consider.

If you are currently pregnant, then you do not want to breastfeed to your husband. The extra milk production and breastfeeding could increase your risks of having premature labor. If you absolutely want to try this, wait until after your next child is born.

There is also the added chance that feeding your husband will reduce the milk supply to the baby. You will also need to eat extra calories to make up for the lost milk. In addition, there is another factor to consider. Your body is able to tell what antibodies and nutrients your baby needs when you breastfeed. If you are breastfeeding your husband, your body may think that a different kind of nutrients or antibodies are needed. It probably won’t hurt to try breastfeeding him once, but you really should avoid making it a regular occurrence.

Breastfeeding and Sex

When you are still breastfeeding, it can change how you have sex. If your breasts are engorged and full of milk, then you may have to be extra careful to make sure that you do not apply too much pressure to them. Breastfeeding may also cause a lower or higher libido. You may be tired from taking care of your child, or you may be worried about having sex again after giving birth. To make your sexual experiences more enjoyable, remember the following tips.

1. Be Careful About Your Breasts

When your breasts are engorged with milk, it can cause soreness and sensitivity. Make sure to talk with your husband about any soreness or sudden leakage that is bothering you. If touching your breasts is uncomfortable, let him now.

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