6 Things That Only Medical Students Will Understand


1. Practicing OSCE’s on each other over and over and over and over.

‘Hi, My name is “….” and I’m a Third Year Medical student. I’ve just been asked by the Doctor today to have a look at your heart, would that be okay with you? Sound familiar?

2. Watching all your friends graduate, getting jobs and getting married and you’re still in med school like..

3. Never-ending ward rounds ‘shadowing’ doctors and you’re just like…

Shadowing = doing absolute jack shit and floating around after doctors whilst they act like you’re not there. It should be called ‘Ghosting’.

4. Night shifts/ On-Calls.

It should be illegal to have to stay at a hospital for that long and not get paid for it .

5. Having to learn a whole new language worth of medical words.

6. Realising that Scrubs and every other medical show is all based on LIES.

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